Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Benefits of Switching from Regular to Organic Makeup

The cosmetic and skin care industry is a fast-growing market that produces new products for consumers, every day. The industry especially targets women who spend hundreds of dollars a year on make-up products that promise to enhance or intensify their beauty. Many makeup industries offer both regular, commercial products as well as their green/organic alternatives for persons to choose from. However, most of the makeup purchased in-store is of the ordinary kind. Organic makeup is all natural and is usually way more expensive because of this. So why switch from your ordinary makeup to an organic alternative if you can get the other at a much lower price?

Firstly, when the word “organic” is mentioned, healthiness and vitality come to mind. That is exactly what these all- natural cosmetics promote. Organic makeup is made from 100% natural organic ingredients. These include: 

·         Aloe Vera, which contains healing properties and nourishes skin
·         Shea Butter, which moisturizes, nourishes and hydrates skin
·         Macadamia Nut Oil, which improves the appearance of dull, dry-looking skin,
·         Primrose Oil, a soothing, hydrating substance for the skin
·         Green Tea Extract, an antioxidant which reduces the signs of aging

 All-natural makeup does not contain chemicals, wax or preservatives and additives that enhance the look and feel of regular makeup, like those that create the long-lasting effect of some mascaras or the waterproof characteristic of some eyeliners. Many inorganic substances can damage the skin after prolonged periods of use and should be avoided. These include formaldehyde, a known cancer-causing substance, parabens, which are linked to causing breast cancer, talc which is linked to ovarian cancer and phthalates, which can be the potential cause of damage to the reproductive system. Instead, organic makeup has essential vitamins and minerals which help to improve the health of your skin. Not only does it act as a cover up but also a skin care regimen in the process! 

Organic cosmetics are usually odor-less or have a very faint scent. They are free of unnatural sweet-smelling fragrances and synthetic preservatives such as petroleum jelly, inorganic oils, acetones and propylene glycol. These contain post-processing residues that can irritate your skin and sometimes cause redness, itching or even unsightly pimples and boils. This makes organic makeup ideal for persons with sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and infection. Because organic makeup is made of natural ingredients, scars, acne and other skin conditions can be hidden without becoming irritated or causing allergic reactions. The natural components even assist in the healing process of such conditions. 

Organic makeup gives you a boost of healthy confidence. What’s better than knowing that the products you’re using on an area as delicate as your face are made of all-natural substances that nourish and moisturize your skin?  Despite the high prices which come close to costs of luxury brands, organic cosmetics are beneficial to your skin in the long run, so why not pay some extra to keep your skin looking healthy and flawless? Spending on organic cosmetics rather than your ordinary chemical compounded brands seems like the wiser choice to make.

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